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 “Wonderful moving experience will definitely use again and would recommend to friends. The movers showed up 15 minutes early – actually before I had arrived to the apartment!

They were able to move me from one SF apartment to another in just at 2 hours. They were prompt, very attentive and careful with my furniture and helped me set everything up at my new place. These guys are honest and efficient, which has not been my experience with other movers in the city! “

-Lizzie Y.-  Customer, 8/23/15



I used Ararat moving for moving last weekend. They gave me a quote over email that was very reasonable. Movers arrived right on time. They loaded up our stuff within no time. During the drive to my new place, they had to  stop for gas and they let me know about it. Both of them were very friendly to talk to. I would hire them again if I were to move again. Highly recommended!!!!”

-Virinchi D.-  Customer, 6/15/15



  “Ararat Moving made my life much easier when I moved to Pacifica from San Francisco.  They took great care of my items, they were very courteous, friendly and easy to work with. Unlike other moving companies that I worked with before where one person hardly works and clocks more time, both of them were very diligent and did the work at less time than I expected. The total move was slightly more than three hours, but they charged me for only three! If you live in SF and looking for movers, you can’t get anyone better. I have moved within SF multiple times and wish I had them before. I have several fragile and bulky items, and everything was in great shape after the move. Definitely I’ll use them again.”

-Ritwik G.-  Customer, 2/8/15


“This company is great overall. The price was right and they hauled ass like nobody’s business. I was moving July 4th weekend (apparently one of the busiest moving days of the year) and I slipped on getting booking movers. This company was available and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg for a last minute booking (or for stairs).

  Let’s see…I was moving from third floor apartment with no elevator. They moved everything out of the old place and moved everything into the new place in under three hours. I was a bit concerned at first because they showed up a bit late and was waiting on one person (it was 3 people all together) but it was totally fine – Everything they did made up for it…moving quickly, making sure items didn’t get damaged, asking permission to do things. These guys were awesome!!!

  I guess, my only suggestion would be that they invest in some moving supplies such as more padded blankets, since people moving usually do not have those things. Again, just a suggestion for a budding business but not any reason why I wouldn’t use them again.” 

-J C.-  Customer, 10/1/14



  “I had my movers cancel on me hours before they were scheduled. I called Edgar and he was able to schedule me in later in the evening.

  Edgar and Alex moved $30,000 worth of art, 2 giant couches and heavy boxes up a 3 story spiral staircase in San Francisco without a single scuff. THESE GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! They are also extremely affordable and nice. If you need movers go with this company!!”

-Liz H.-  Customer, 11/2/2013

  “I moved yesterday and called them to schedule with only about a weeks notice and it is the end of the month… But Edgar was prompt and got me scheduled in! 

  I hired them due to not being able to lift my heavy dresser, tables, and bed. As a college student the prices were unbeatable and I wanted them for two hours, since I can’t afford too much. The movers came and I told them to move the heavy stuff, not knowing how long it would take them, it took them like 15 minutes!!!!!!! I was amazed!!!!!!!! They were so quick and efficient, so then they helped me with all of the rest of my stuff, I’d offer to grab a bag here and there but they said no and said they’d take care of everything…. I was so happy they finished completely in about an hour maybe an hour and fifteen minutes tops! I was more than happy to pay the 2 hour minimum because these guys were awesome! I feel so lucky to have found them and had their help. They made moving so easy for me. 

  After they left later in the day Edgar called to make sure everything went well, now that’s some great customer service.”

-Brittany S.-  Customer,  8/31/2013



  “Are you kidding me?  These guys are beyond amazing.    Two guys showed up on time and they moved our apartment’s contents all the way from north beach to the inner richmond – both places are on the top floor with no elevator – so these guys hauled sofa bed, dresser, the whole works up a lot of stairs.  And they never took a break, were hauling ass up the stairs, and didn’t scratch a thing!   It was all done under two hours, which is so ridiculously fast – i felt like  a genie who snapped my fingers.  I ended up giving them a big tip because they deserved all the money I could give em”

                    – Artur A.-  Customer,  9/19/2013